2020 Film submissions are not open yet.

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English OR clear English subtitles burned into the picture
Frame Rate
23.978fps to 30fps
Stereo (or Mono on both channels) - Poor sound quality is not acceptable. Thin sound from the onboard camera mic is not acceptable.
Pixel Dimensions
1920 x 1080 Pixels
Aspect Ratio
16 x 9 (or matted to 16 x 9)
Content NOT Accepted
Overly graphic nudity, excessive violence, promotion of hate speech, gratuitous cruelty, or explicit sex. Additionally, films must have a story throughout and not rely on a single “punchline” at the end.
Production Value / Quality
Films must have been crafted with care and attention. The budget is not important as long as skill and craftspersonship are driving the quality. Poor lighting is not acceptable. We accept films shot on any camera (even smart phones, webcams, and security cameras) as long as the look was considered, planned and created to support the storytelling.
Genres NOT Accepted
Music videos, Commercials, films without narrative or documentary merit (such as Experimental)
All narrative and documentary genres are accepted, but our focus is on the quality and emotional impact of the storytelling. STUDENT FILM Genre is only accepted from students in Sonoma County, California.
Film Duration
Between 1 and 35 minutes (including credits)
Completion Date
Completed between 2016 and the present.
Film Availability
Films cannot be available on Youtube, Amazon, Netflix, or the filmmaker’s webpage or social media. Vimeo is okay. Films can be in other distribution or in film festivals.
Film Rights
All rights must be owned by the filmmaker, including music clearance.